#poem East ATL #poetry #Atlanta


I’d been called to the easterly side.
I rode down and saw the unsewn
hide and seek with feathered friends.
The horizon shown through the brick
and wooden, tattered, open tomes
on the night. Up late, spring birds
threw weights below streets the thin
of the new, fast slim felt trodded
in direction, beat after by the sun.
Pirates flung coin. Parrots framed,
and the subterranean petrified. Light
of day under the city shined the sound
of a whine for day tilling, for a tear,
for a given ear to listen, to steer plot’s
wheel. Crow caws up a high post.
Swerve, all did. All did and do swerve,
then nod, and then wake, lose keys,
make or break, lay, see, or any plot:
She, “it’s my birthday.” I was employ.




To Find my Dog in the Woods was Enormous

Specter eyes spilled the muck the black,
higher turn I took from the distant moons,
conducted katydids, swam the cloaked webs,
and tickled my cheeks by the sounding wind.
All fiber touched my sticky skin in the balm
out, slowed each and every turn to a toad’s.
The sound of the light muted much else dark
distance touched. This mute was electrified.
To find my dog in the woods was enormous.

#dark #poem Hermetic…

Hermitic Shadow Slice

I slid in a point painted in a hermitic shadow slice
                              with fulcrum view     of the world
frame of pulses which petted view and pickled chords
to what you           call sharing views     between pairs.
Oh, lonely, see!     Share an arousal view within lairs,
den to den, to pen the cut, to only assume scares
and lonely weaves, curtains, slow sieves.  Hand me.

Character Interview (I Generated) #character #outline #tool

Character Interview

What do you desire the most–your truest desire?
Has it changed over time?
Have you been able to manifest it?
What are your thoughts on love?  What is love?
Do you gradate love?  Why?
Is the love of self the most important?
Is the love of family the most important?
Is the love of friends the most important?
How highly do you value lifelong, paired relationships?
In what way do you believe they should serve you?
Do you believe paired couples have more to offer than those who are single or who do not value faithful, long-term relationships?
How do you feel about the world in general?
How do you feel about people in general?
What correction do people and the world need the most?  Please explain why.
Tell me a story or two about someone.
What are your thoughts on education?
How has your education served you?
Describe the difference in importance between book learning and street smarts.
How do you feel about being a teacher and being a student?  (not necessarily professionally, but in life in general)
In what area(s) of life do you gain the most amount of pleasure?
How do you feel it serves you?
How do you feel it serves others?
In what area(s) of life do you gain the least amount of pleasure?
How does it affect you?
How do you perceive it affecting others?
What role does media play in your life (any and all media)?
How do you feel about media’s role in yours and others lives?
What role does any technology play in your life?
How do you perceive the influence technology has had on the world?
Do you value logical intelligence more or creative intelligence?  Why?
Simply, tell me all your thoughts on God.

#poetry Homes Need Domes #poem

Homes Need Domes

Course, rusty cloud, and cluster all’s crown.
Cast our bated desires; swim our pleasure view.
Clearly, give us names, old hues, clues to bones
submerged in hunger’s stew. I do risk a chew…

Lady lip flutters by butterfly wings, and we’d,
duly, rather sip manna dew, construe fountain
complexities as simple to dos. That old rust dye
illusion vaped counter to lies’ cut crusts’ escape.

Fuzz’n’balls brush mutilated memories of songs
that cast off clouds, that no longer do as a cue
of justice, as it claps the cracks you, inside, know.
Eyes turn, you see, bolt by bolt, motion-sensed.

Colossal chip chunks bolted by electric flashes,
raw, electric funds, chip and collapse and crush
closet wishes walled by stormy, flag pole pinnacles
that our view rarely escapes. Homes need domes.